FSR film pressure distribution measurement system for wearable electronics

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Flexible film pressure sensors are widely used in consumer electronics, smart wearables, medical and health care, industrial testing and other fields because of their good flexibility, high sensitivity, fast response speed, anti-interference, and free bending.The derived pressure distribution measurement system meets the needs of most pressure measurement scenarios

Based on the demand for new products in the market and the continuous upgrading of technology, We has launched a distributed measurement system for wearable electronics.For example,head-mounted thin-film pressure sensors,The sensor system is mainly used to measure and analyze the pressure distribution generated by head-mounted products such as VR devices, helmets, hats, etc., to improve and optimize the wearing experience of products, collect pressure data, and model head data.

By usiing our come-with software,user can have:

Pressure dot matrix, 2D, 3D stereo color level image, pressure distribution of contact area, pressure distribution image, thermal image;

Automatic analysis function of real-time pressure distribution data, recording and storage, the software can import the recorded files to reproduce the entire test process;

Can record and stop, load recording files, fast forward, backward, and slow playback.