Proof Of Concept & Prototype Creation

Pd Studio is an innovative product development studio and open to be your design and engineering partner for sensor product creation,sensor fusion and IOT deployment. Pd Studio is experienced in conveying new ideas and applications into concepts, prototypes and products. Together with the client we clarify and sharpen the use case, user can write down product requirement specifications. This way the end-product is already clear from the beginning of the development cycle.

Pd Studio works as a bridge between creative idea and engineering. Our passion is always to find the best way to prototype the suitable product in proof-of-concept phase.

Proof Of Concept & Prototype Creation

After initial brain-storming and definition of the envisioned product ,the next step is to build and prototype it. Step by step translating a new idea into a proof of concept and step by step towards functional prototypes that can be tested by user and further fine tuned. We have a team of engineers that is skilled to quickly turn ideas into practical solutions.

Pd Studio’s Focus Areas

  • Wearables electronics
  • IoT and data mapping
  • Midi hardware to realize sensor and data mapping


Professional R&D Partner For Wearable electronics & Fusion sensor IOT solution

As sensor experts we have a broad overview of available technologies, but also the ability to create completely new sensors or sensor module if needed,and the ability to integrate it into wearable electronics.further this, the sensing data could be collected to device or IOT terminal which can be mapped to the specific application. We believe in fast prototyping, testing, learning and improving with real users in the real context during all development stages.