Polyethylene capacitor Vs Polystyrene capacitor Part 1: Polyethylene capacitor

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Part 1: Polyethylene capacitor

In CTR TV set, Polyethylene capacitor is widely used. Polyethylene Capacitor is connected for the generation of high voltage for CRT.The horizontal output flyback transformer is running at 17KC or higher.

Caps for tesla coils or pulse discharge applications must have a low loss dielectric (e.g. polyethylene capacitor or polypropylene capacitor).

Other application could be for audio projects.for example, Pioneer SX-82.See diyaudio forum.

  • I'm in the process of ordering parts to work on a Pioneer SX-82. In addition to Mylars, micas, and stirols, the MPX section has some 'polyethylene' capacitors, which no one seems to sell or make anymore. What would be a suitable replacement type? Ceramics? Polyesters? Some other type?

Polyethylene capacitor

The most recent application in this year 2020 will be the mask machine. Polyethylene capacitor 3000pf to 5000pf 35KV is added into the BOM,35kv 4700pf is the mostly welcomed by mask machine manufacturers. For more details of 35kv 4700pf 472 high voltage film capacitor,pls go to: