Rewired the Flyback transfomer -add the necessary wires , cut-off the useless wires

Posted by parson deng on

TO work with ZVS(Zero Voltage Switching) driver boad, it is necessary to add a new primary winding. One winds about 10 turns (1.5mm2 cross section)  enamelled copper wire around the core, and a common pin is wired out as common pin.

To prepare for  the useful ones out of the vast number of connector pins a flyback usually has. the first thing is to cut off 2 wires and glued it since the 2wires will be not used anymore.



We will use the 2nd pins(which is closed to primary coils), see below picture, wired the pin out and glued it.



Now,we're ready for the wiring out, the one newly wired, + the one remained. these 2 wires can connected to jacob's ladders' electrode, or to marx generatore kits' input.