The budget for PCR + LED-Transilluminator

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Are U preparing for the DNA lab basic devices?Starting from PCR and Transilluminator.

I) PCR (paid $999 or $9,999?)

Consider MTC3200 Mini Thermal Cycler,It has a capacity for 32x0.2ml tubes.The wells are arranged in a 4x8 format, allowing the block to accept strips of 8 as well as individual tubes.

Key features 4. 100 typical programs can be stored in memory and easily recalled. 5. The block heats and cools very quickly—at rates as fast as 4°C/sec and 2°C/sec accordingly.

II)BV 200 LED-Transilluminator-clinx/cn (pay $200 or pay $400?)

It uses a super high intensity LED light plate which can illuminate a range of dyes including GelGreen, SYBRSafe, EtBr and the new UltraPower DNA safe dye. It provides a uniform and bright excitation across gels up to 13 x 17cm.

Consider to allocate $300 to Thermal-cycler(option 1) and allocate $200 to LED-Transilluminator?

To realized option 1),pls kindly go to: