Stainless Steel Flow Sensor

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Product Description

Product Name

Stainless steel flowmeter, turbine flow sensor


Stainless steel #304 material

Pipe Size

NPT 1/2" or G 1/2¡°

Flow Range

1-30 L/Min

Operating Voltage Range

DC 5-24V, can be customized DC 3V


Stainless steel flow sensor, convenient installation, waterproof explosion-proof, Heat resistance and cold resistance.the pulse signal output, Can be used for water flow switch, also can be used to measure the flow, Water flow meter for shower room credit card system.have two flow range.If you want to increase the temperature control ,you can add heat sensitive resistor, the output line is green, but also can be connected to the other two special line to control temperature.


The product is light and flexible in appearance, small in size, plug and play, easy to install. The impeller is equipped with a stainless steel shaft, which is more powerful and prolongs the service life. The sealing ring adopts the upper and lower force structure and never leaks. The Hall element is imported and isolated from water to prevent water ingress and never age. All raw materials are in compliance with ROHS testing standards.

The water flow sensor is mainly composed of a stainless steel body, a water flow rotor assembly and a Hall sensor.

It is installed in various gas water heaters, electric water heater, washing machine, water machine, boiler, electromagnetic water heater, water control (integrated) machine, water machine, heat pump hot water engineering, the card management system of intelligent water meter, water meter, IC campus card sale water system, self sale (sell) water machine, water treatment water distribution equipment, dispensing equipment, cooling system, circulation system, intelligent heating equipment, mechanical equipment, instrumentation, pharmaceutical (agents) equipment etc.

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