0.47uF 1200V Non-Inductive absorption capacitor welder inverter use x2pcs

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0.47uF 1200V Non-Inductive absorption capacitor 1.2KV 0.47uF x2pcs

The price is for 2pcs. 

Product Brief

The metallized film winding -Non-Inductive, special spraying process, flame retardant epoxy resin sealing, copper nut or insert lead; high stability; good frequency characteristic; small size; low loss, low inductance; self-healing; high current capability; mainly used in power electronic equipment, used for inverter welding machine, resonance the resonant frequency selection circuit in inverter power supply.


Working temperature range: -40, ~+85°C;

Withstand voltage: 1.5UN/60S;
The loss tangent Delta: TG = 0.0005 (at10KHZ);
Insulation resistance: Rs = 300M (at20 C 100V.DC)
Impact resistance: dv/dt>1000v/us;
Flame retardancy: UL94V-0;
Stray inductance: less than 30nH;
Reference standard: IEC60110-1 GBT3984.1-2004