100pcs 0.47uF 630V CBB capacitor metallized 470nF 474J

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100pcs CBB capacitor metallized 0.47uF 470nF 474J 630V


Main Features

Ø Low dissipation factor and high insulation resistance

Ø Self-healing property

Ø High stability of capacitance and DF versus temperature and frequency


THE Metallized film CAPACITORS are suitable for filtering bypass , coupling , decopling ,timing ,tuning and temperature compensation with applications in telecommunications,data processing indusstial instruments and automatic control system equipments.



Rated Voltage:630V 
Pin Pitch:20mm 

Capacitance Tolerance J(±5%),K(±10%),M(±20%)

Operating Temperature -40 to 85

Rated Voltage 630VDC

Dissipation Factor(tgδ) 0.1% max at 1KHz and 25

Insulation Resistance(IR) IR25000MΩ for C0.33μF

IR7500MΩ·μF for C0.33μF

Dielectric Strength 1.4Ur for 35 seconds