4KV 6KV High Voltage Reed Relay

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Compared to other relay technologies ,reed relays have the advantages of hermetically sealed contacts, low coil power, fast operation ,long life and small size.

Compare to the electromechanical relays, the reed relays are hermetically sealed, the contacts can switch low -level signals as low as femtoamps and nanovolts. Similarly , semiconductors have capacitance, leakage currents and semiconductor offsets to deal with that clearly limit the switching and detection of low voltage and currents.

It is an ultra miniature high voltage relay series design in a PCB through hole package, capable of switching voltage up to 1 K VDC and breakdown voltage up to 4K VDC.

The coil voltage could be 5V ,12V and 24V .It is defined by the customer ,Normal open ,normal closed and changeover is available.


¡ì High dielectric strength up to 4KV

¡ì Very high isolation voltage between coil with contact up to 7KV

¡ì 100W contact rating

¡ì Low stable contact resistance

¡ì Insulation resistance greater than 10E12 Ohm

¡ì Form A/B/C is available

¡ì Single-in-line package for smaller size available


¡ì Solar inverter

¡ì Cable and in-circuit test equipment

¡ì Battery operated high voltage test equipment

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