GST 4S-H2S hydrogen sulfide gas sensor concentration detection 0~100ppm x2pcs/Lot

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4S-H2S hydrogen sulfide gas sensor concentration detection 0~100ppm  x2pcs/Lot

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Product Brief

4S-H2S electrochemical hydrogen sulfide sensor

The 4S-H2S sensor is a constant potential electrolytic H2S sensor.

4S-H2S and 02 undergo corresponding redox reactions at the working electrode and counter electrode and release charges to form a current.

The current is proportional to the H2S concentration. The H2S concentration can be determined by measuring the current.

Product Specification

Sensitivity: 700±150nA/ppm

Range: 0~100ppm

Baseline drift: <±2ppm

Response time (T90): <205 (typical value 155)

Recovery time (T10): <205 (typical value 155)

Linearity: linear

Repeatability: <±2%

Operating temperature range: 40℃~+55℃

Working pressure range: 800~1200mbar

Working humidity range: 15%RH~90%RH

Output drift: <15% per year

Service life: >24 months (in air)

Recommended storage temperature: 0~20℃ (airtight container)

Resolution: <0.1ppm

Recommended load resistance: 10Q

2000ppm maximum current: 0.2mA

Maximum O/C voltage: 1.3V

Maximum S/C current: <1.0A