FSR 8x8 Matrix Force Distribution Sensor

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FSR 8x8 Matrix Force Distribution Sensor 

Package Included

  • FSR Force Sensor MatrixArray 8x8  x1pcs 
Sensing Range/single point
Sensing Area-mm 97.5*97.5
FPC Pitch-mm 1
Working Voltage 3.3-5V
Response Time <20ms
Off resistance >1M Ohm
Hysteresis <6%
Force repeatable (+/-8%)
Working temperature: (-30℃~60℃)
Features and Application
  • Flexible pressure sensor (also called FSR) is an ultra-thin (thickness usually around 0.3mm), high-sensitivity resistive pressure sensor. When pressure is applied to the sensing area, the resistance of the sensor changes..

  • It will be suitable for the estimation of force pressed. 


the measurement accuracy of the thin film pressure sensor is greatly affected by the trigger area, and the default setting is the data obtained from the full contact of the sensor area. In fact, if only part of the data is pressed, there will be deviation. It is not suitable for accurate measurement. In addition, the film pressure sensor is not suitable for accurate measurement, the error may have different errors according to different ways of use, only suitable for rough measurement of pressure or weight.

An  Example  of  using with Data-Converter-Module(should be ordered separatedly,contct us if client need it),and then show by Resistance-Force software in computer.

After connected to computer,open Resistance-Force software and caliberated.
Datalogger can be saved in excel file also.