3/4" Snap Disc Limit Control, Manual Reset, Cut-Out 95 Degrees C (Open On Rise)

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95°C manual reset 3/4-inch Bi-metal Disc Thermostat Normally Close x1pcs
The price is for 1piece
Mannually Reset
3/4-Inch Snap Disc
Air stream mount + solid collar
.250" spade terminal

For Regulation of Fan, Blower or High Limit Safety Control.

Microwave ovens, Irons, Refrigerators, Electronic oven, heating unit, coffeepot, water heater, etc


Item Number

KSD302 95°C

Tempearature Switch Type

NC,Normally Close

Action Temperature Tolearance


Rated Load(Resistive)

25A 250VAC

Contact Resistance

<50 mOhm

Insulation Resistance

>100 Mohm(DC500V)

Life time


Reset Type

Manually Reset