Bistable Reed Switch

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A latching reed switch is an ideal solution in extremely low power requirements, particularly in battery powered devices. It is also referred to a or bi-stable (1 Form E) reed switch. Latching reed switches use two permanent magnets to achieve the latching function. The first magnet is partially magnetized. Bringing the contacts closer together, but they still remain open. The second magnet with an aiding field brought close to the switch will close the contacts. And they will remain closed until the second magnet is brought close but this time with a reversed magnetic field. So a latching reed switch can exist in either the normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) contact state.

Latching Bistable Reed switches are magnetic sensors that function as an open/closed relay dependent on the pole of the last magnetic field the sensor sees. They are low cost, passive sensors that do not consume any electricity. These sensors are mechanical switches and the amount of power they can switch is dependent on the size of the switch. Increasing the voltage or current passing through the reed switch will decrease the switch life. Latching Reed switch sensors are commonly used in applications such as elevator position monitoring.

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