Brain Signal Collection System EEG-based BCI EEG-fNIRS Biomedical Signal Data

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EPC:Brain Signal Collection System EEG-based BCI EEG-fNIRS Biomedical Signal Data

How to customize the project:

S1: define the sensor type and quantity and arrangement

S2: decide the connectivity to computer(wireless/USB)

S+: additional function if any


Dry electrode EEG Optional

EEG-fNIRS Biomedical Signal Data

The positions of the electrodes and detectors can be arranged according to demand.

Usually,The electrode positions are arranged in accordance with the international 10-20 system, which currently includes 8 /16 /32 / 64 Four configurations, can be used in brain-computer interface, psychology, neuromarketing, rehabilitation engineering and other fields.


The system can simultaneously record the neuroelectric activity and hemodynamic response/blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) response of the brain at the corresponding position of the electrode/detector.W-EEG & fNIRS perfectly combines the high time resolution of EEG with the high spatial resolution of fNIRS


Additional modules can be integrated, IMUs sensor can be added to provide more sensor data.

Other Biomedical Signal can be collected by adding

-Other wireless physiological sensors (EMG, ECG, force, temperature, etc.)

-Eye movement tracking


X-Hub Hardware support multi-type sensor data log and the universal interface to computer;

CTIVE PREMIER Software is Compatible with a variety of data recording and synchronization: video, exercise, EEG, ECG, EMG, eye movement, skin conductivity, breathing, temperature, VR, etc.

Simultaneously record the data of a variety of wireless sensors T-sens, including exercise IMU, ECG, EMG, GSR, breathing, temperature, etc.

Interface connectivity to computer can be wireless or USB Type connection.


Noted:actual engineer cost will be calculated by specific requirement, the listed price is NOT the actual price.