Brass Flow Sensor

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Product Name

Brass Flow Meter

Model No.

FS4X4X series


Brass Copper

Pipe Connection

1/4'' BSP Thread

Technical Parameter

1.Water quality requirement: Drinking water health standards, 0~80¡æ

2.Flow range: 0.35~3.0L/min

3.Withstand hydraulic pressure: ¡Ü1.75MPa

4.Voltage/electric current: DC4.5~18V, ¡Ü15mA; can be customized DC24V

5.Insulation resistance: >100M¦¸

6.Electrical strength: AC500V,50HZ

7.Output level: Rated voltage DC5V, high level ¡Ý4.5V, low level ¡Ü0.5V

8.Pulse duty cycle: 50%

9.Cumulative flow conversion: 1L water=1078pulse,accuracy 8%

10.Custom made: Wire harness specification, low power operation mode(¡Ü10¦ÌA)


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