Brass Flow Switch

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Flow switch,is the impact of using a permanent magnet to float the magnetic repulsive force and flow to interact with reed switch signal output (0/1), by the repulsive force between the permanent magnets with respect to mechanical spring to reset, more reliable, longer service life, lower flow start. G1/4,G1/2, G3/4,G1 external teeth, brass, long line 320mm, two lines, installation: in any direction.

The water switch is used in conjunction with the intermediate relay in order to be safe and can not be directly connected to the high voltage circuit. At the same time, please install the filter in use, avoid the magnetic float flow switch is not installed on the card; shaking and vibration environment, in order to prevent the flow switch malfunction; cannot be used in strong magnetic environment, so that the flow switch failure; flow switch is a precision instrument, do not arbitrarily open to prevent damage to the water flow switch where, the disassembly flow switch are not within our scope of warranty.

1.Stable performance; induction chamber, magnetic control chamber and electronic components are designed separately in order to avoid switch failure caused by iron matter in pipeline is magnetic adsorbed.

2.High temperature resistant materials allows the product to be used for both hot water.

3.Low water pressure startup; reset spring is made of high quality stainless steel; it can start up pump when water pressure is >0.03KG.

4.The electronic components as control device will not cause spark during work which is safe.

5.This product is widely used for low pressure area family, especially important for low water pressure ignition start-up of water heater, automatic water cycle of solar water heater.

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