1% Metal Film Resistor 2W Copper Lead 0R-100M x200pcs

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1% Metal Film Resistor 2W Copper Lead 0R to 100M x200pcs
Lot of 200pcs
    • Resistance:upon selected
    • Precision:1%
    • Power:2W
    • Maximum Working Voltage:500V
    • Max overload voltage:1000V
    • Size/Body:5*15mm 
    • Copper lead Length: 0.7mm diz X 25mm length each side

     Below is a full list of available resistance value for option.

    0R 2.7R 36R 390R   1K 12K 150K 1.2M
    0.1R 3R 39R 430R   1.1K 13K 160K 1.5M
    0.12R 3.3R 43R 470R    1.2K 15K 180K 2M
    0.15R 3.6R 47R 510R    1.3K 16K 200K 2.2M
    0.18R 3.9R 51R 560R    1.5K 18K 220K 2.4M
    0.2R 4.3R 56R 620R    1.8K 20K 240K 2.7M
    0.22R 4.7R 62R 680R    2K 22K 270K 3M
    0.25R 5.1R 68R 750R    2.2K 24K 300K 3.3M
    0.27R 5.6R 75R 820R    2.4K 27K 330K 3.6M
    0.33R 6.2R 82R 910R    2.7K 30K 360K 3.9M
    0.36R 6.8R 91R 0.43R   3K 33K 390K 4.3M
    0.39R 7.5R 100R 0.51R   3.3K 36K 430K 4.7M
    0.47R 8.2R 110R 0.3R   3.6K 39K 470K 5.1M
    0.5R 9.1R 120R 0.23R   3.9K 43K 510K 5.6M
    0.56R 10R 130R 0.24R   4.3K 47K 560K 6.2M
    0.62R 12R 150R     4.7K 51K 620K 6.8M
    0.68R 13R 160R     5.1K 56K 680K 7.5M
    0.75R 15R 180R     5.6K 62K 750K 8.2M
    0.82R 16R 200R     6.2K 68K 820K 10M
    1R 18R 220R     6.8K 75K 910K 15M
    1.1R 20R 240R     7.5K 82K 1M 20M
    1.2R 22R 250R     8.2K 91K   22M
    1.3R 24R 270R     9.1K 100K   100M
    1.5R 27R 300R     10K 110K    
    1.6R 30R 330R     11K 120K    
    1.8R 33R 360R       130K