100KJ-10GJ 2Watts High Voltage Glass Glaze Resistors 15KV Non-Inductive x10pcs

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100KJ-10GJ 2Watts High Voltage Glass Glaze Resistors RI80 15KV Non-Inductive x10pcs

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RI80 High Voltage Glass Glaxe Reistor

Lot of 10pcs


  • Max Working Voltage from 15KV.
  • Resistance Tolerance G( ±2%), J(±5%), K(±10%).
  • Low Temperature Coefficient: Less than 300 ppm/°C.
  • High power capacity,Good wet and heat resistance,good resistance to electrical impulses and high voltage



AC-DC,Or pulse circuit or high voltage equipment


  • Resistance:100K-10GJ
  • Power:2Watt
  • Tolerance: J(5%)
  • Body Size:9*50mm


The ri80a resistor is designed in non inductive process. The cap contacts with the silver electrode of the resistor body by extrusion. The two pole cap is equipped with lead wire for easy installation. The surface of the resistor is coated with protective paint with high moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and good insulation performance. The product has strong overload capacity, stable and reliable performance, and is easy to install and use. Suitable for DC or low frequency AC circuit for shunt and voltage division. Widely used in AC and DC high voltage equipment and load.