PTC Heater tailor-made customized

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Pictured is an example of  tailor-made PTC Heater upon requested.

Product Name

24V 25W 70°C Ceramic Stone Aluminum shell

Client can advise your specification and then we can propose a cusotmized solution.

Below is an example of PCT drawing customized.

Pls feel free to send your enquiry to for more information.


Ø Self-Temperature Regulating

Ø Inflammable, Safety and Reliability

Ø CE Approval


Hair straightenerhair crimper, wax melting heatervapor generatorhumidifierwater boilerliquid warmercoffee warmerpolymer press-coating heaterhot glue gunchocolate extrudershoe dryerhand/foot warmermassagerphysical therapy heater.





Rated Voltage/V


Surface Temp/°C


Note:Cable Length is 10-15cm as default

Attention For USe:

1.In consideration of thermal expansion, there should be some gap around the PTC heaters

2. For heaters of surface-electrified type, it should be aware that safety distance is necessary to keep away from body, metals and frost. Comparatively, the surface-insulation type is more reliable in safety.

3. When heaters connected to three-phase supply, the middle point should be connected with null line so that terminal voltage would not exceed due to imbalance of voltage.