PVDF Piezo Film Sensor Sheet 52UM AG INK FILM 8 X 5.5

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PVDF Piezo Film Sensor Sheet 52UM AG INK FILM 8 X 5.5





Thickness 50um specification: 21*14cm(8 X 5.5)

The main technical performance indicators of PVDF piezoelectric film

Piezoelectric strain constant: d31:17 PC/N

d32:5~6 PC/N

d33:21 PC/N

Piezoelectric voltage constant (g31): 216×10-8V/N

Relative dielectric constant (ε/ε0): 9.5±1.0 (IKHZ)

Speed of sound (C) 2000m/s

Acoustic impedance 2.5~3

Electromechanical coupling coefficient (K33) 10~14%

Volume resistivity (φ) 1013Ω.㎝

Pyroelectric coefficient (P) 40c/cm2.K

Detection sensitivity (4Hz) 1011 m.HZ1/2/W

Surface resistance: the resistance between any two points of the same electrode ≤5Ω

Elongation at break: 20~50%

Young's modulus: 2500MPa

Yield strength: 45~55 106N/m2

Tensile strength at break: 35-50MPa/psi

Density (φ): 1.78×103㎏/m3

Poisson's ratio: None

Operating temperature (T) -40~80℃

Thickness tolerance: ±3~±5%(30~ 500µm)

Flatness: intermediate warping ≤1mm

Electrode fastness: paste with transparent tape without falling off



 Thin, flexible film sheets

 Multi-purpose … design your own Sensor

 Different Electrode Options – Sputtered metallization or Silver ink

 Various Film Thickness Options

Piezo Film Sheets are available in different film sizes and thicknesses. These can be fabricated into simple transducers, or for use as full size sheets for applications such as speakers. Metallization options include a compliant silver ink as well as sputtered metallization. The silver ink is best for applications where mechanical stress is being applied. Silver ink also lends itself to custom metallization patterns for easy lead attachment. The thin, sputtered metallization is more brittle and used where signal to noise requirements dictate very low mass loading by the electrodes. Our standard sputtered metallization is 700 Å of copper covered with 100 Å of nickel, which has good conductivity and is resistant to oxidation. Other metallizations such as gold are available on a custom basis with a set-up fee. For the sputtered Metallized film, there is no border.


In case client demand these to be fabricated into simple transducers,see below example, pls kindly contact us for details.