PID Temperature Controller 150-segments Programmable Heating and Cooling Controller

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1 Overview

1.1 main features of PID Temperature Controller 150-segments Programmable 

High precision (24 bit AD, 5-bit or 6-bit display, 0.05 level) digital instrument, supporting a variety of thermocouple and thermal resistance specifications, resolution up to 0.01 ℃ (Pt - 0.001 ℃)

Adopt advanced AI Artificial Intelligence PID regulation algorithm, no overshoot, with self-tuning (at) function.

It adopts advanced modular structure and provides rich output specifications, which can meet the needs of various applications.

  • The resolution of output power is up to 0.01 ℅, and it has the function of manual / automatic switching.

  • It is used for precise control when the given value needs to be changed automatically according to a certain time rule. It has 150 segment programming function. Seven groups of PID parameters can be set.

  • The program and parameters can be modified online, and the parameter lock can provide different data operation permissions.

  • It has the functions of power failure processing, measured value starting and preparation, curve fitting and running multiple curves.

  • The user can carry out secondary correction and nonlinear compensation for the measured value within the given range, so as to achieve higher precision measurement and control.

  • The operation method of humanized design is easy to learn and use.

  • Global general 100 ~ 240VAC input range switching power supply, frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz can be selected.

  • Aij-5.0 has added the function of controlling semiconductor thermoelectric cooling and heating module


1.3 module use


1.3.1 module socket function definition


AIJ instrument has five optional function module sockets. Different types of input and output specifications and function requirements can be realized by installing different modules.


Up to 5 modules are allowed to be installed, and corresponding modules can be selected for output, alarm, communication and other functions


1.3.2 aij-5.0 common module models

N (or no write) has no module installed.


L2a large capacity small volume relay normally open + normally closed contact switch output module (capacity: 30VDC / 2a, 250VAC / 2a).


L5A two way mass relay normally open contact switch output module (capacity: 30VDC / 2a, 250VAC / 2a).


GA solid state relay drive voltage output module (12VDC / 30mA).


X5A programmable linear current output module.


Hx5a high precision programmable linear current output module is generally used for transmission.


K5a "burn not bad" single channel thyristor phase shift trigger output module: (can trigger 5 ~ 500A bidirectional or two anti parallel unidirectional thyristors).


SA (s2587) isolated RS485 communication module.


IV / 20mA analog 4 ~ 20mA / 0 ~ 20mA input module.


IV / 1V (0 ~ 1V), IV / 5V (0 ~ 5V), IV / 10V (0 ~ 10V) linear voltage input module.


V24a / v12a / v10a isolated DC voltage output of 24 V / 12 V / 10 V can be used for external transmitter or other circuits.