EPC: Smart nose ai-powered electronic nose

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EPC: Smart nose ai-powered electronic nose

Technology Brief

Smart nose is designed  for analyzing and identifying the overall characteristics of odor substances.an intelligent sensory analysis device based on the principle of bionic simulation, using a variety of non-specific sensors to obtain multi-level characteristic information of samples, and distinguishing the odors of different samples through Ai-Powered judgment.

  • Well-defined sensor array enable it to smell difference gas.
  • Ai-power machine learning, several times sampled and feed it into machine learning before it get started.

Enginnering Projects

Customized solution can be develped by enginnering service, from sensing array, sample collection and feeding system to related algorithms, welcome to contact our engineer team to see what we can help in your journey of specific application.



Noted:actual engineer cost will be calculated by specific requirement, the listed price is NOT the actual price.