FSR Force Sensor 500g to 20KG Force Sensing 9mm dia LF9 series x10pcs/Lot

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When the sensor senses the external pressure, the resistance value of the sensor changes.



Human computer interaction, intelligent robots, electronic medical devices, wearable devices (Intelligent insoles, etc.).


PN LF9-500g LF9-2KG LF9-5KG LF9-20KG
Thickness <0.3mm
Force Sensing Range 500g 2KG 5KG 20KG
Response Point 20g 20g 150g 200g
Durablility >1,000,000 times
Initial resistance >10M ohms(no load)
Response time <1ms
Recovery time <15ms
Working Temperature (-20C to 60C)



Using a simple circuit, the sensor can convert the pressure signal into an electrical signal with corresponding change intensity after sensing the pressure change.see below 2 reference.

Reference circuit 1)

Reference circuit 2)



Also can use our multi-channel AD data collection module FSR-AD412 to read data easily,above mentioned LF9 series has AD data Vs Force sheet for reference.