High Accuracy Fuel Level Sensor

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PIPE: Stainless steel, SUS304, SUS316


Mount Type:

SAE 5 holes, M18 Thread type




The thread can be fiited with flange at the top of the sensor

For large vehicles, there is a standard size integrated structure, no need to change the oil and circuit interface, directly replace the installation

Easy installation and maintance

Analog signal supports local 2-wires or 3-wires

For the calibration of different media, only two key "zero" and "full Span" can be easily achieved.

Resistance output type, voltage output type and current output type can be choose.

Easy operation and suitable for many kinds of liquid measurement

Customs high temperature with cooling device

allowing media temperatures of up to 300°C.

special for high temperation application

It can be used with GSM/GPRS/GPS module

Remote vehicles monitoring

Reduce fuel consumption operation costs prevent oil theft

With different kinds of oil

Different material float can use in different liquid.

NBR float can be used in Diesel, gasoline vehicles are available

strong universality


Fuel / Oil /Diesel/Gasoline

Non-conductive liquid

Water tanks and reservoirs

Underground fuel tank

Auto, Truck fuel storage

Rooter, railway engine

Sealed Pressure tank

Order Information:

In order to recommend you the most suitable products and make an accurate quotation, please provide the following information and send it to our sales when you are going to make an inquiry.

1. What is your medium? Water ,oil or others.

2. Working Temperature? -30℃~80℃

3. Pressure range: 0-1bar...2000Bar optional

4. Output signal:4-20mA, 0-5V or others

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