10pcs High frequency high voltage diode 1A 4KV 150nS glass blunt chip high frequency response

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Main features of this series of products:
1. Low backward leakage current, transient 10ms forward surge current protection;
2. Impulse voltage resistance, avalanche voltage breakdown protection;
3. Excellent continuous discharge characteristics;


Item Symbol Unit Test Condition Rating
Repetitive Peak Backward Voltage Vrrm KV Ta=25℃  Ir=2.0μA 4
Peak Working Backward Voltage Vrwm KV Ta=25℃  Ir=2.0μA 4
Average Forward Current If(AV) A 50Hz Half-sine Wave , Resistance load @Tbreak=50℃ 1
Backward Recovery Time Trr nS 150
Surge Forward Current Ifsm A 0.01S @ Half-Sine wave  50Hz 200
Operating Ambient Temperature Ta -50~+150
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~+120

Forward Peak Voltage Vfm V
Backward Peak  Current Irrm1 μA @ Ta=25℃ VRM=VRRM 2.0
Irrm2 Irrm2 μA @ Ta=100℃ VRM=VRRM 20.0