50pcs Low Distortion Coupling Linear Optocoupler LCR-0203

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Low Distortion Coupling Linear Optocoupler LCR - 0203 Series for Volume Control and Electrical Coupling

Lot of 50pcs



Optocoupler is an electronic component that transfers electrical signals between two isolated circuits by using light. It is widle used in lighting, smart machine.


Pure resistor and non-polarity output

Wide range of analog liner resistance, "on" at the low resistance. "off" at high resistance

Simple circuit configuration suitable for DC and AC use

Input to output isolation, and low distortion coupling


Input current

0- 20mA

Input Voltage

1.6- 2.5Vdc

Output Light Resistance

50Ω - 1KΩ @20mA- 0.01mA 

Output Dark Resistance

1Ω - 10MΩ @10 seconds off later 

Response Period


Insulating Voltage


Working Frequency


Max Power



Diameter 6.0*13.5


Full datasheet download