Blue tooth Gryo MPU9250 9-Axis Gyroscope Kalman Filter 200Hz High-Stability + USB-HID + USB-UART 6-IN-1

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Opotion 1) Buy It Together Kit/BIT KIT

The package included:

  1. BWT901CL MPU9250 9-Axis Gyro
  2. WitMotion USB-HID Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Adapter
  3. CP2102 chipset WitMotion 6-in-1 Serial Converter


Opotion 2)BWT901CL MPU9250 9-Axis Gyro ONLY 5pcs/Lot

BWT901CL MPU9250 High-Precision 9-Axis Gyroscope+Angle(XY 0.05° Accuracy)+Magnetometer with Kalman Filter, 0-200Hz High-Stability 3-axis IMU Sensor for Arduino



Rock-solid data output: 3-axis XYZ (Pitch Roll Yaw) Acceleration+ Gyro+ Angle+ Magnetic field, measurement range and output rate ( 0.2-200Hz) selectable


4-hour battery life, long term measurement while recharging,10-meter Bluetooth measurement range (no obstacles like walls), Support multi-connection via WITMOTION PC software simultaneously (USB-HID adapter required)


Technical Specifiaction:

Technical Specifications:

BWT901CL’s scientific name is the AHRS IMU sensor. A sensor measures 3-axis angle, angular velocity, acceleration, magnetic field. Its strength lies in the algorithm which can calculate the three-axis angle accurately. The robust housing and the small outline makes it perfectly suitable for industrial retrofit application such as motion capturing, engineering machine monitoring, etc.


Persued for best data accuracy and stability: WTMOTION patented zero-bias automatic detection calibration algorithm and R&D dynamic fusion algorithm outperforms traditional accelerometer sensor.


Current: <40mA

Working Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

Battery life: about 4 hours

Data output frequency0.2-200Hz

Interface: Type-C, Bluetooth 2.0

Baud Rate: 115200 (default, can not be changed)

Voltage: 3.3-5V, built-in rechargeable battery (260mAh capacity, 3.7V)

Output Content: 3-axis Acceleration+Angle+Angular Velocity+Magnetic Field+Quaternion

Range: Acceleration (±16g), Gyroscope (±2000°/s), Magnet Field (±4900µT), Angle (X, Z-axis: ±180°, Y ±90°)

Resolution: Acceleration (0.005g), Gyroscope (0.61°/s), Magnet Field (16 bits)

Angle Accuracy(after calibrated): X, Y-axis: 0.05° (Static) , X, Y-axis: 0.1° (Dynamic)

Note: Z-axis angle will be affected by magnetic field. It is required to calibrate and keep the sensor at least 20cm away from the stuff like metal that may create magnetic field interference.

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