Nitrogen Oxide Sensor

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Aftermarket parts are a reasonably priced and good alternative to OE products. We often supply aftermarket products in place of OE parts that are no longer available as well.

NOx sensors were first introduced on lean-burn, stratified charge gasoline passenger cars with NOx adsorbers, followed by diesel cars with NOx adsorbers and light- and heavy-duty diesel engines with urea-SCR aftertreatment.

Diesel NOx sensors are dual-purpose, in that they are used to measure both the oxygen level in the exhaust as well as NOx (NO and NO2) content. The measurements take place in two separate chambers in the sensor, and the exhaust gases flow sequentially through one and then into the other.

Precise, up-to-date readings from the exhaust gas system are required for efficient exhaust-gas treatment. If stricter emission laws are in place, further sensors such as the nitrogen oxide sensor may be required. This sensor is used to regulate the dosed quantity of urea in systems for selective catalytic reduction (SCR), NOx reduction and to monitor the SCR components (on-board diagnostics). The sensor also allows monitoring of an NOx storage catalyst (NSC).

The NOx sensor can be used for 12 V and 24 V applications in passenger vehicles as well as light or heavy commercial vehicles (on and off-highway). The sensor consists of a probe and a sensor control unit (SCU) connected to one another via a wiring harness. The probe is quick and easy to install thanks to a retaining screw.

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