NTC 10K 1% temperature sensor 3Meters Pre-wired XH-2Y connector x5pcs

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NTC 10K 1% temperature sensor wired XH-2Y connector x5pcs

You're bidding for 1pcs NTC 10k Wired sensor -10K Ohm resistor value,1% tolerance.


1.High precision;

2.Small size, quick response;

3.Long-time stable operation allowable;

4.Good interchangeability, high consistency.


1. Resistance tolerance:±1%

2. B value (25/50oC) :3435K

Wired tail:

3,000mm long black wire,2 rows,24AWG,for high temperature use.

one end is copper nose where have NTC 10k resistor embeded-5x25mm shell

the other end is XH-2Y connector(2.54m pitch)