20pcs Photo sensor light detector Lux Vs Current Linear Output 10Lux 50uA

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20pcs Photo sensor light detector  Lux Vs Current Linear Output 10Lux 50uA


Main Features

Special filter epoxy resin package, spectrum response characteristic similar to human eye;

Linear output with the change of illuminance; temperature stability; low dark current, low working illuminance.


Replace light sensitive resistor,Back light adjustment on TV/PDA/LCD,LED display,lighting control etc


Expoxy Resin Head:7x7mm
Vdd:-0.5 To 7V
      Min Typ Max Unit
Bright current IC(Vdd=5V Rss=1k) Vdd=5V, Ev= 10Lux 30 50 65 uA
Dark current Idrk Vdd=5V, Ee= 0     100 nA
Spectral sensitivity λ     400~700   nm
Saturation Voltage Vdd-Vss     0.3