Plasm Speaker easy-to-go dual polarity x1pcs

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Plasm Speaker easy-to-go dual polarity x1pcs
The price is for 1piece.
Pre-Assembled real two polarity plasm speaker
Low noise, clear sound
The sound is not big, abount 30-40% of mobile phone's maximum sound
Two Options 

Option 1) Plasm speaker  x1pcs 

Option 2) Plasm speaker x1pcs + AC adapter(15V/5A) x 1pcs

In option 1) client need to prepare the AC adpter by your self.
In option 2) It is ready to go, client pls kindly connect your mobile phone/ipad etc and play music(you might need to turn the sound to maximum)
 Client can also consider to buy below plasm speaker-the sound is bigger, but comes with little noise of arc.