Plasm Speaker High Power x1pcs

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Plasm Speaker High Power x1pcs
The package included:

1) Plasm speacker PCBA(assembled)  x1pcs

2) AC-DC power supply board, 220VAC TO 24VDC/100watts x1pcs

3) High Voltage Transformer x 1pcs
Come with necessary cables.
Pot 103: adjust pwm, maximum to 30%, clockwise, the pulse width increased, the mosfet is getting hotter.
pot 203: adjust frequency,about  30Khz when arc is generated, in between 35k-42k hz, the sound is good.clockwise, the pulse width increased
* Reminder: patience is required once client started to adjust the POT, we will adjust it to suitable position when shipping.
* Reminder: pls be kindly noted that the input power is 220VAC for the power supply we provided.
Want to have a look at the accoustic effec firstly? pls go to: 
 Pls feel free to contact us if client has any question before placing order.