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Today Reed Switch technology is used in all market segments including: test and measurement equipment, medical electronics, Telecom, automotive, security, appliances, general purpose, etc. Its growth rate is stronger than ever, where the world output cannot stay abreast with demand.

As a technology, the Reed Switch is unique. Being hermetically sealed, it can exist or be used in almost any environment. Very simple in its structure, it crosses many technologies in its manufacture. Critical to its quality and reliability is its glass to metal hermetic seal, where the glass and metal used must have exact linear thermal coefficients of expansion. Otherwise, cracking and poor seals will result. Whether sputtered or plated, the process of applying the contact material, usually Rhodium or Ruthenium, must be carried out precisely in ultra clean environments similar to semiconductor technology.

Over the years, the Reed Switch has shrunk in size from approximately 50 mm (2 inches) to 6 mm (0.24 inches). These smaller sizes have opened up many more applications particularly in RF and fast time domain requirements.

General Datas

Glass length: 4~53 mm

Glass diameter: 1.8~5.4 mm

Shock: >50 gVibration:>50 g

Operating temperature(¡æ): -40 ~ +150


Passive, no external electrical power requested to close the switch to get a signal;

Hermetically closed, no influence of dust or corrosion;

Suitable to switch very very low current and voltage£»

High life expectancy on the switch. (Low-Level>10e9) ? .

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