Sheathed Thermocouple K D1.0*300L 1meter cable DIN 43710 Standard x1pcs

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Sheathed Thermocouple K  D1.0*300L 1meter cable IEC60584 DIN43710 Standard  x1pcs

Product Series Brief

The minimum sheathed probe diameter can reach to 0.5mm, other size will be 1mm/1.5mm/2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm probe diameter.

The thermocouple insert core and the protective tube are insulated.

The thermocouple inserting core conforms to DIN EN 60584 and / or DIN 43710, which can provide a double type.

Test pressure: 40bar (helium) leak test – measuring end.


applicable to chemical plants, power plants, pipelines, engines, test beds and all occasions requiring flexible installation and replacement


Product Specifiaction


Measurement accuracy:1.1℃ or 0.4%

Sheath material:SUS316 GH3030

Sheath diameter*Length:1*300mm

Measuring range:-200 C… 1200 degrees centigrade

Response time:2S

Structure:Single or double groups

Wire material:Silica gel / Teflon / glass fiber / stainless steel

Temperature contact:Insulation type and grounding type