Silver Chloride EEG electrodes

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Cable Length Option:1.5M/2.0M//3.0M


Used with medical conductive paste to collect human physiological electrical signals

Product features:

1. Sterling silver plated silver chloride electrode plate: sterling silver matrix (silver content: 99.9%), electroplated silver chloride, low noise, low impedance, corrosion resistance, stable signal;

2. TPU wire: 65 strands of tinned fine copper wire +400D bulletproof wire. The German Huntsman alcohol-resistant model is used outside the TPU, which has strong tensile strength, good elasticity and good resilience.

3. Connector: standard 1.5mm hole interface, compatible with various EEG amps.


Instructions for use:

1. First of all, in accordance with the international 10-20 positioning method, determine the installation location of the corresponding electrode, dip a cotton swab in medical alcohol or EEG special scrub, and treat the scalp under the electrode installation location (remove head oil, head fat, and reduce skin impedance);

2. Use the electrode tray to scoop an appropriate amount of viscous medical conductive paste, poke the hair with a cotton swab, press the electrode tray on the treated scalp, mix the overflowing conductive paste with the hair around the electrode tray, and cover the electrode to make the electrode more firmly fixed.;

3. Wear a medical elastic mesh cap to fix it, and check the fixation of each electrode;

4. Connect the amplifier and start normal testing when the impedance of all electrodes drops below 5KW.