SIP-HV Reed Relay

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SIP&MSIP series :They are designed in a miniature rugged thermoset overmolded single-in-line package, reducing the required PCB space to a mininum, with a choice of normally open, normally open high voltage or changeover contacts capable of switching up to 300VDC at 10W. Available with 5V,12V and 24V coils. External magnetic shield options.Ideally suited to security,telecoms, instrumentation,process control, industrial and automatic test equipment (ATE) applications.

Feature :

¡ì Epoxy molded,single-in-line package

¡ì Available with form 1A/2A,1B/1C

¡ì MSIP is half of the mounting area of a standard SIL-relay

¡ì Diode and magnetic shield are available

Applications :

¡ì ATE

¡ì Measurement equipment

¡ì Computer peripherals

¡ì Alarm systems

The MR series Reed Relay is our smallest dual-in-line relay ,Offers the same electrical characteristics as its larger SIP relay equivalent,and can be used as voltage relay.

Feature :

¡ì Ultra miniature size ,

¡ì PCB through hole mounting

¡ì Diode and magnetic shield are available

Application :

¡ì ATE

¡ì PCB test systems

¡ì Closely stacked matrices

The BR series can provide more points, High insulation version


¡ì Up to 5 form A

¡ì Metal or plastic case

¡ì High insulation version available

¡ì Latching versions available

¡ì Low thermal versions available


¡ì Test and measurement

¡ì Telecommunication

¡ì Medical equipment

¡ì Solar Photovoltaic systems

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