Stainless Steel Fuel Level Sensor

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Place of Origin: Shanghai, China

Brand Name: Misensor

Model Number: FLS-L series

Material: SUS304, SUS316 Stainless steel

Accuracy: 3mm, 7mm, 10mm, 21mm

Level range: 100-3000mm

Output :4-20mA 0-5 V, RS485 digital output signal

Power supply: 5V, 12V

Electronic connection: AMP connector

Probe length: 8mm (standard)

Warranty: 1 year ,and free repair for quality itself

Specification: digital fuel level sensor

Application: water level, truck tank fuel level, generator tank fuel level sensor

FLS-L fuel truck car tank level sensor is the customized sensor meter for precise measuring of the liquid level of automobile oil tanks, sealed tankers, trucks fuel tank, electric generating set tanks and oil depots, etc.


Convenience: it can be installed by Flanges, Thread, Screw.

Independence: It can measure the oil quantity directly to achieve the fuel consumption value, it will not be any action and without affecting to the oil system / pipeline.

Uniqueness: the user can do recalibration through the button, digital output is also available with debugging software.

Safety: It can replace the original vehicle oil gauge directly, no need to drill in tank to install capacitance sensor, electronic cabin is explosion-proof design and get the explosion-proof certificate; sensor flange with two layers of the anti-leakage groove, prevent oil leakage problems.

Stability: no mechanical moving parts, mature and stable circuit structure and components of good quality will make the sensor be used continuously for years without changing.

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