Waterproof strain gauge UW350-4AA Underwater Applications

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1pcs Waterproof strain gauge 350-4AA
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Nominance Resistance:350±0.1Ω (120 Ohm as optional)

Sensitivity:1.86-2.20 (1%)

Strain limits at normal temp. (approx. %):2.0%

Operating temperature:-40 to 80ºC

Fatigue lives at normal temp. (times):3x104 (±1500μm/m)

Lead wirs length:1 meter

UW series foil-type underwater strain gauge: choose a special adhesive that is waterproof and Anti-toxic, and adopts a fully sealed structure. It is an ideal sensitive element for static pressure field electrical measurement within 5MPa.It can be successfully used in aircraft cockpit sealing tests with water as the test environment, stress analysis of the inner wall of pressure vessels, as well as dam, dam, highway strength tests and ground stress exploration tests.

 Suitable for outdoor or underwater strain measurement where gage bonding space is limited.
Part Number Grid-Sensing(mm) Carrier(mm)
UW350-4AA 4
2.3 29