YL-05P Intelligent Temperature Transmitter 0-100°C PT100 to 0-5VDC

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YL-05P Intelligent Temperature Transmitter 0-100°C PT100 to 0-5VDC


NOTE:The default setting is  2wires or 3wires 0-100°C PT100 to 0-5V

if client required other configuration, please feel free to contact us 

Main Features

  • Intelligent programmable two-wire 0-5V output.
  • RTD PT100, Cu100, PT1000, CU50, thermocouplesK J E N T S R B signal programmable input( program cable need to be purchased separatedly)
  • Linear conversion and transmission.
  • Input temperature range and sensor type are programmable by software.
  • 12-35VDC wide range power supply, have polarity reverse connection protection.
  • 0.2% (TC input), 0.1% F.S. (RTD input) high accuracy, low temperature drift, long life span.
  • Internal embedded cold-conjunction compensation.
  • Output is adjusted by chip not potentiometer, high stability.
  • International standard head-mounted installation.


Signal input

Thermocouple or 2-wire RTD, 3-wire RTD  RTD



Power supply

24V Rated(12-35VDC)

Measuring Accuracy

0.2% TC input, 0.1% RTD input.

Temperature Drift

≤25ppm/℃ F.S.

Excitation current


Load capacity

≤ 500Ω

Protection circuit

Reverse polarity connection protection

Software programmable


Operating temperature


Storage temperature





M4x2 screw, standard head-mounted


43mm dia